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  • La Tangente

    La Tangente 12min 54s | French Synopsis: A young man washing his car offers an attractive woman a ride wherever she wants to go. The two set off on a journey with no plans and no direction, but as their relationship grows can they continue living their life of the rock-and-roll aesthetic or will they have to compromise and settle down? Category: Short Genre: Drama/ Romance / World Director: Vincent Vesco Producer: Vlad sprinceana Cast: Sarah Grappin, Aurelien Wiik Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Homage

    Homage 02min 42s | Coming-of-age | USA Synopsis: A short musical piece of different designs and colors. Category: Animation Genre: Music / Award-Winning / Social Issues Director: Preston & Caleb Heller Producer: Preston & Caleb Heller Cast: ​ Awards: "best local student short" at Animation Attack Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • About Us | Ahachannel

    About us This is a Beta site. Please send us your comments and help us make Aha the best digital experience. ​ AHA Channel is an AVOD site where you can watch clips and trailers of Indie Films for FREE. Find clips of all genres from around the world, perfect for all ages. And if you really love them, you can even rent or buy them. Watch clips on your phone, laptop, and tablet. JOIN US and find endless Aha! moments for endless fun! ​ "Join" the Aha Channel, a free site, and access more information about films, rent/buy movies, enjoy an enhanced experience, and become part of a community of “Vid-enthusiasts” from around your world. It is the perfect eco-friendly way to enjoy and connect with friends, family, and coworkers, as well as make new "friends". ​ Aha Channel online videos include clips of animation, documentary, shorts, and features, new and vintage films. We also have a great selection of Action/Adventure, Art, Children/Family, Comedy, Crime/Thrillers/Mystery, Drama, Erotic, Experimental, History, Horror, Indigenous Cultures, LGBTQ, Music, Political/Social Issues, Religions, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Sports, Western, Women's Focus, and World clips. ​ "Join" today, all you need to do is visit our site, log on, and watch what you want when you want it. New kind of experience: Have you ever wanted to “chat” about a video live with others? Well, Aha Channel is the site for you! Log in and find “friends” to watch with you and “chat” about it. Our videos will put a smile on your face, make you blow your top, will shock and awe you... but will never leave you bored! Looking for something a little more provocative in nature? We’ve got those too! Browse through our selection and find your kind of video. About the Aha Vid-enthusiasts The Aha Team is dedicated to the promotion of independent film. Our team includes industry people from all sectors. They include founder/President Carol Bidault de l’Isle, an award-winning producer, specialized in international motion picture/television financing, distribution, media asset acquisitions, and management. She brings with her 30 years of industry experience in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Ms. Bidault is a recipient of the US Department of State Secretary's Open Forum for Outstanding Contribution to international cultural affairs and support to media arts (2002); as well as other awards and recognition in the film industry. Carol Bidault de l’Isle President Simone Brown Production Office Manager Daiane Mateus Furlan Graphic Designer (UI/UX) CONTACT 1218 Harmony Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 Phone: 504 941 7302 | Direct: 202 717 0700 I agree with the terms of use. I want to sign up to receive the newsletter. Submit Thank you for submitting! Contact Form

  • Hope

    Hope 7 min | English | USA Synopsis: An animated story of how the land of indians has been taken over and replaced by sky scrapers and industrialization. Category: Animation Genre: Family / Social Issues / Indigenous Culture Director: Gia Kereselidze Producer: Gia Kereselidze Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2007 BUY / RENT Related

  • Swimming Moon

    Swimming Moon 4min 13s | Silent | USA Synopsis: In outer space, there are all sorts of interesting things dealing with time, beauty, and creation. Category: Animation Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Award-Winning Director: Nahomi Maki Producer: Nahomi Maki Cast: ​ Awards: Washington DC Independent Festival 2008 Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Not by Chance

    Not by Chance 1h 40min 3s | Portuguese | Brazil Synopsis: While in Brazil, a man is reunited with an old friend where he experiences love. Category: Feature Genre: World / Romance / Drama Director: Philippe Barcinski Producer: ​ Cast: Rodrigo Santoro, Leonardo Medeiros, Leticia Babatella, Branca Messina, Rita Ratata Awards: ​ Copyright: 2005 BUY / RENT Related

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