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Help - FAQ and Troubleshooting 

What is AHA Channel?

Aha is the best site on the web to watch indie films. Watch free clips, all genres, perfect for all ages.

How much does AHA Channel cost?  

Aha is free. Viewers watch clips according to genres or let Aha work its magic. At the end of each clip, viewers will be given the opportunity to purchase the feature, documentary, short, or animation. Over 1000 films to choose from our library. 

Where can I watch?

You can watch Aha on your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. You choose. It's free. 

What can I watch on AHA Channel?

On Aha, you can watch indie features, documentaries, shorts, animations. Over 1000 films to choose from our library. 

How much is each film?

You can watch the clip for free or purchase a short (animation, documentary, or narrative) films of less than 15 minutes for $1, films over 15 minutes to 59 mins $2, films 60 minutes or more are $3. 

How often are new videos added?
We are constantly adding new clips and features to the site. Check back often!

What happens when I create an Aha Channel account?
When you become a member, we will ask you for your name, address, email, and phone number. All of your selections will be “saved” and we will begin to send you “recommendations”. You will also participate in live “chats” with filmmakers and other “vid-thusiasts." You’ll also be able to access and use many of the great new features that are being added as we improve the site. It is free and easy to create an Aha Channel account and will save you time in the future.

I have video/footage that would be great for a clip. Will you buy it from me?
We’re always looking for new content. Contact us at for more information.

Does it cost anything to watch clips on the Aha Channel?
No. Clips on the Aha Channel cards are free to watch.

Do I have to create an Aha Channel account before I watch a clip?
No. But if you’re going to watch our videos often, creating an account will save you time and let us recommend more videos to you.

Can I buy a copy of the video that I watch?
Yes. You will be able to buy the videos that you see. During the Beta Stage, we request that you “Contact US” and let us know what video you would like to purchase. We will instruct you to be able to use the “Buy Now” button and buy it directly. You’ll be sent a notification email for every purchase that you make.

I am having trouble watching a clip or video, what can I do?
Here are some troubleshooting suggestions that you can try:
You may need a newer version of Flash. It’s a free download from
Try visiting our site from a regular browser window, like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. , instead of an AOL-type portal.
Close your browser, re-launch Internet Explorer or Chrome, and then go to again.
Clear your browser cache.
Re-start your computer.
You might be experiencing issues from a firewall on your network. If so, you may have to go to our site from a different Internet connection.

If these suggestions do not fix the problem, feel free to email us at

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