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  • Food Fight

    Food Fight 1h 24min | English | USA Synopsis: An informative video discussing the food market and industry in the United States and different parts of the world. Category: Documentary Genre: Political / World / Drama Director: Chris Taylor Producer: Chris Taylor Cast: interviewers, political figures, business men and women Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Poetry in Wartime

    Poetry in Wartime 1h 13min 34s | English | USA Synopsis: VOICES IN WARTIME is a feature-length documentary that sharply etches the experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets - unknown and world-famous. Category: Documentary Genre: Action / History Director: Rick King Producer: Jonathan King, Rick King Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2005 BUY / RENT Related

  • ER`s Around the Globe

    ER`s Around the Globe 37s | English | USA Synopsis: A doctor and his assistant react to a man in need in the emergency room because of his insurance. Category: Short Genre: Comedy / Social Issues / Family Director: Pat Battistini Producer: Pat Battistini Cast: Tom Katsis, Denise Gossett Awards: ​ Copyright: 2007 BUY / RENT Related

  • Kely

    Kely 1h 27 min | English | USA Synopsis: Kely is a jigsaw puzzle that reveals its pieces backwards. Category: Feature Genre: Drama / Social Issues / Family Director: Jeremy Paterson Producer: Jeremy Paterson Cast: Justin Flemming, Melody Paterson, Sukie Stone, Kevin Caulton, Iraki Moseshvili Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Una Sabiduria Antigua

    Una Sabiduria Antigua 18min 5s | Spanish Synopsis: A ceremonial ritual performed by the people to ensure happiness and harmony within the earth. Category: World / Indigenous Culture / Religion / Adventure / Women Focus Genre: Documentary Director: Sarah Terry Producer: ​ Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Pillow Girl

    Pillow Girl 7min 38s | Silent | USA Synopsis: Pillow Girl was originally a sound-art work created for an invitational at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, featuring audio created by converting images (the covers of pulp magazines) into electronic soundscapes. The visual portion of the piece makes use of the covers themselves, with the illustrated figures coming to life and morphing into one another during the course of the presentation (each cover is visible in its original state for only 1/30th of a second). Over 200 covers are presented in this fashion. In addition to being a colorful and impressive visual display, the images presented in Pillow Girl are a vivid and fascinating historical encapsulation of how women have been depicted in popular culture. Category: Animation Genre: Erotic / Art / Experimental / History Director: Ronnie Cramer Producer: Ronnie Cramer Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Handicapped

    Handicapped 1h 24min 55s | English | USA Synopsis: A documentary about bad gold. Category: Documentary Genre: Comedy / Family / Award-Winning Director: G.R. Kearney Producer: G.R. Kearney Cast: ​ Awards: Naperville Independent Film Festival 2009 Winner Best Feature, All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival 2009 Winner Best Comedic Documentary, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2009 Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Evelyn

    Evelyn 13min 59s | English | USA Synopsis: A young girl has a sexual relationship with a married man when her mother eventually finds out about it. Category: Short Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Political / Erotic Director: Novia Chen Producer: Charlotta Forssman Cast: Dinah Berkley, David Marcum, Sarah Guthrie Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Geralds Last Day

    Geralds Last Day 12min 21s | English | USA Synopsis: A poor dog who lives his last day before being terminated in the pound, is looking for a new family before his time is up. Category: Animation Genre: Children / Family/ Adventure / Award-Winning Director: Justin and Shel Rasch Producer: Justin and Shel Rasch Cast: Don Chattfield, Adam Yeager, Leviticus Davis Awards: Mumbai International Children's Film Festival Best Animated Short Film 2009, Eugene International Film Festival Best Animation 2009, Pet Flix Film Festival Best Short Tale Award 2009 Copyright: 2009 BUY / RENT Related

  • Mirage

    Mirage 8min 25s | Silent | USA Synopsis: In a cyborg search for water, he find redemption and salvation in an unexpected way. Category: Animation Genre: Experimental / Drama / Sci-Fi / Fantasy Director: Youngwoong Jang Producer: Youngwoong Jang Cast: ​ Awards: Winner: * GlobalStudent Animation Awards, Animation Runner-Up listing page * San Diego Asian Film Festival, San Diego, USA (October 14, 2006), Best Animation * Signals International Short Film Festival, Essex, UK (October 14, 2006) Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts 1h 35min 9s | English | USA Synopsis: A love story of a married couple who break up and eventually get back together. Category: Feature Genre: Drama / Romance / Family Director: Barra Grant Producer: ​ Cast: Richard E. Grant, Carrie-Anne Moss, Johnny Pacar, Jenna Elfman Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Handshake

    Handshake 4min 35s | Silent | USA Synopsis: A man and woman's greeting becomes entangled. Category: Animation Genre: Family / Social Issues Director: Patrick Smith Producer: Barbara Jean Kearney Cast: ​ Awards: 2004 Northampton Film Festival Best Animation, 2005 Golden Film Festival Best Animation, 2006 Nicktoons Film Festival Copyright: 2004 BUY / RENT Related