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  • P.U.R.E

    P.U.R.E 11min 38s | English | Canada Synopsis: In a future not so far away, a young boy named Igby discovers an extraordinary natural phenomenon known only as P.U.R.E, which immediately sparks many scientific and political controversies. Category: Short Genre: Children / Family / World / Drama Director: Dusty Mancinelli Producer: Dusty Mancinelli Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Familiar Voice

    Familiar Voice 1h 14min 11s | English Synopsis: A reaction to the Crisis in Darfur Category: Documentary Genre: Political / World / Award-Winning Director: Danny Mendoza Producer: Danny Mendoza Cast: Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah, Abdelbagy Abushanab, Motasim Adam, Seth Appiah-Mensah, Reverend Assemblyman Karim Camara Awards: 2008 Boston International Film Festival, The Accolade Film Awards, The Accolade Film Awards Feature Documentary, International Film Festival Of South Africa 2008, Arpa International Film Festival, Angelus Student Film Awards 2008, Sacramento Film and Musi Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Compact Only

    Compact Only 13min 52s | English | USA Synopsis: While sitting in his car in a busy parking lot, a man watches the drama that goes on on a normal day. Category: Short Genre: Social Issues / Experimental / Religion / Women Focus Director: Pamela Green Producer: Greg McClatchy, Jarik Van Sluijs, Julio Ferrario, Pamela Green Cast: John Poulos, john Hang, Sandra Gimpel, Ellery Sprayberry Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Slipdream

    Slipdream 1h 25min | English | USA Synopsis: Based on the classic fable jack and the Beanstalk, Slipdream follows a streetwise drug dealer caught in a struggle between self-discovery and self-destruction. Category: Feature Genre: Mystery / Adventure / Religion / Sci Fi / Social Issues Director: Marc Grant Producer: Sam Siegel Cast: Emily Portman, Meri Pritchett, Zia Harris, Max Heller, Amie Carey Awards: ​ Copyright: 2005 BUY / RENT Related

  • Wild Horses in Winds of Change

    Wild Horses in Winds of Change 30m 0s | English | USA Synopsis: Man’s ever expanding encroachment into new territories is shrinking wild horses’ home and well being. A plea to the view to reduce carbon footprint. Category: Documentary Genre: History Director: Mara LeGrand Producer: Mara LeGrand Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2010 BUY / RENT Related

  • Tracks

    Tracks 6min 10s | English | USA Synopsis: A story about a doll traveling to different places by train and experiencing new environments by ways of transportation. Category: Animation Genre: Award-Winning / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Experimental Director: Jacob Dodd Producer: Jacob Dodd Cast: Jacob Dodd, Kristy Dodd Awards: Screened at the Jackson Film Festival Copyright: 2007 BUY / RENT Related

  • Think Peace

    Think Peace 53min 14s | English | USA Synopsis: Five thousand delegates mobilized from over 90 countries to do no less than revise the paradigm of peace and take the steps necessary to create a world without war Category: Documentary Genre: Political / Social Issues / Drama / World Director: Corey Ogilvie Producer: David Maidman Cast: Hans Blix, Rex Weyler, Kyle Snyder, Dhar jamail, Ashok Gangadean, Knaan Awards: ​ Copyright: 2007 BUY / RENT Related

  • Heydar An Afghan In Tehran

    Heydar An Afghan In Tehran 18min 25s | Farsi | Iran/UK Synopsis: Foreign film about an Afghani man in Iran who wants to learn English and return to Afghanistan as a translator. Category: Short Genre: World / Social Issues / Family Director: Babak Jalali Producer: ​ Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Homemade

    Homemade 8min 29s | English | USA Synopsis: A single mother is forced to recreate the magic of Disneyland in her apartment after breaking her promise to the kids. Category: Short Genre: Children / Family / Drama / Social Issues Director: Negar Saddigh Producer: Negar Saddigh Cast: Emma Cox, Nikki Haddad, Mattherw Haddad Awards: ​ Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Henry May Long

    Henry May Long 1h 41min 28s | English Synopsis: ​ Category: Feature Genre: Drama / History / Social Issues Director: ​ Producer: ​ Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Poetry in Wartime

    Poetry in Wartime 1h 13min 34s | English | USA Synopsis: VOICES IN WARTIME is a feature-length documentary that sharply etches the experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets - unknown and world-famous. Category: Documentary Genre: Action / History Director: Rick King Producer: Jonathan King, Rick King Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2005 BUY / RENT Related

  • Fagbug

    Fagbug 1h 22min 54s | English | USA Synopsis: On the 11th Annual National Day of Silence, Erin Davies was victim to a hate crime because her VW Beetle sported a rainbow sticker. Her car was vandalized, left with the words "fag" and "u r gay" and decides to take her "fagbug" on a 58-day trip around the United States and Canada. Category: Documentary Genre: LGBTQ / Drama / Social Issues Director: Erin Davies Producer: Jen Persons, Susan Coscione Cast: Erin Davies, Susan Coscione, Cory Magin, Elke Kennedy, Brandon Monson Awards: ​ Copyright: 2009 BUY / RENT Related

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