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  • Tukuhnikivatz

    Tukuhnikivatz 15min 5s | Silent | USA Synopsis: A group of dancers dance on the sacred lands of the indigenous people. Category: Documentary Genre: Art / Music / Indigenous People Director: Maida Withers Producer: ​ Cast: Maida Withers, Tim Harling, Will Goins, Cristy Lamb, Emily Ojala Awards: ​ Copyright: 2007 BUY / RENT Related

  • Indie Films | AHA Channel

    About AHA Watch Trailers & Clips AHA Channel is the AVOD site where clips and trailers of indie films can be watched for FREE. Find clips of all genres from around the world, perfect for all ages. And if you really love it, find out where to RENT/BUY it. Watch clips on your phone, laptop, or tablet. BECOME A MEMBER and chat with Aha-ers and comment on what you see and help us identify more of what you like. JOIN US and find endless Aha! moments of entertainment. This is a Beta site. Please send us your comments and help us make Aha the best digital experience. AHA! Most popular Animation Award-Winning Documentary Features Louisiana Films Shorts

  • Pivot

    Pivot 15min 6s | English | USA Synopsis: After awaking on a deserted beach, an old man wreaks havoc in the lives of two estranged lovers. Category: Short Genre: Drama/ Family / Social Issues Director: Julius Ramsey Producer: Stephanie Buxbaum, Ben Cornish, Ben Hatta, Daniel Rodriguez Cast: Ron Rifkin, Dorian Brown, Brian Chase, James Wellington, Michael Durrell Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Remarkable Power

    Remarkable Power 1h 31min | English | USA Synopsis: A teenage boy moves to California only to be put in a situation where it seemed like he committed a murder. Category: Feature Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Mystery Director: Tom Arnold Producer: ​ Cast: Whitney Able, Tom Arnold, Jordan Belfi, Sandra Hess, Dule Hill, Kip Pardue, Evan Peters, Jack Plotnick, Johnny Messner, Kevin Nealon, Bob Sapp, Christopher Titus, Steve Vinovich, Nora Zehetner. Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • What Would You Do

    What Would You Do 6min 12s | English | USA Synopsis: Music video by a R&B artist named Mohogany Brown Category: Short Genre: Music / Women Focus / Drama / Romance Director: Danielle Smith Producer: Danielle Smith Cast: Cierra Wilson, Brian Gatlin, Richard Howard, Kristin Marks Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

  • Southern Exposure

    Southern Exposure 5min 26s | English | USA Synopsis: A young woman moves to a new environment different from what she is use to, but later adapts to her new surroundings. Category: Animation Genre: Art / Adventure / Sci-Fi Director: S.A. Bouchard Producer: S.A. Bouchard Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Happy Birthday 2 You

    Happy Birthday 2 You 12min 9s | Spanish | Spain Synopsis: Clara is in for a rude awakening when she decides to visit young Marco at his home on his birthday. Category: Short Genre: Thriller /Horror / Social Issues Director: David Alacade Producer: Victor Mata Cast: Laura Dominguez, Ferran Lahoz, Pau Poch Awards: ​ Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Steps

    Steps 3min 24s | Silent | USA Synopsis: A manly figure travels and makes his way through a world of patterns, repetition, and colors. Category: Animation Genre: Adventure / Sci-Fi / Experimental / Award-Winning Director: Matthew Heimbecker Producer: Matthew Heimbecker Cast: ​ Awards: Reanimacja Festival Panorama, Poland – Apr 2007, Bradford Film Festival, Bradford UK – Mar 2007, Washington DC Independent Film Festival. Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Unraveling Michelle

    Unraveling Michelle 1h 25min | English | USA Synopsis: Joe, a man who feels uncomfortable with his own sexuallity takes action towards becoming a woman. Category: Documentary Genre: LGTBQ / Social Issues / Drama Director: Dan Shaffer Producer: Dan Shaffer Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: 2008 BUY / RENT Related

  • Unflinching Triumph

    Unflinching Triumph 1h 15min 21s | English | USA Synopsis: There is a sport where individuals have a stare down competition, and the first one to flinch or blink is the loser. Category: Feature Genre: Sports / Comedy / Adventure Director: Mark Decena Producer: ​ Cast: Tony Patterson, Ernie Armstrong, Alex Everett Awards: ​ Copyright: 2006 BUY / RENT Related

  • Lolita (1997)

    Lolita (1997) 2h 17m | English |USA Synopsis: An English professor falls for a minor, and has to face the consequences of his actions. Category: Feature Genre: Drama / Romance / Louisiana Films / Award-Winning Director: Adrian Lyne Producer: Mario Kassar, Joel B. Michaels Cast: Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith, Frank Langella Awards: National Board of Review, USA 1998 / Young Artist Awards 1999 Copyright: 1997 BUY / RENT Related

  • Curse of the Cry Baby

    Curse of the Cry Baby English | USA Synopsis: From Emmy award-winning director, Keith Carter, and veteran award-winning producer, Carol Bidault de l'Isle, comes Curse of the Cry Baby, a supernatural thriller based on the Coharie Native American legend. With its spiritual undertones, the film tells a story of redemption and faith, combining live-action and state-of-the-art animation. The style of the production is similar to that of Robert Rodriguez's Sin City, while the emphasis of the story is comparable to The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Curse of the Cry Baby is a metaphysical journey that, literally, drags our protagonist to the deepest pits of Hell and back. Category: Feature Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller / Indigenous Culture Director: Keith Carter Producer: Carol Bidault de l’Isle Cast: ​ Awards: ​ Copyright: ​ BUY / RENT Related

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